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   Everyone has heard car lot horror stories. You know, the ones where a car dealer talks you into buying a really expensive car that you don't need or can't afford, or where you sign an auto loan and think you are getting a dirt cheap interest rate only to find out that the interest rate skyrockets a month later leaving you with a huge car payment and no extra cash. Yeah, you know the stories. And while we all like to believe they are just urban legends, they're not. Those things can really happen if you don't pay close attention to what is going on while you are out car shopping.
    But savvy car shoppers know how to avoid those pitfalls. They can maneuver their way through car dealers' and lenders' sales pitches without a hitch and drive off the lot with a beautiful new car and a shockingly low car payment. The secret to their success is understanding how cars are sold and the way auto loans work.
    In our free Auto Loan Guide, we'll teach you how to haggle with car dealers and negotiate the best loan terms. You'll discover the truth behind dealership loans and zero-percent financing. When you're finished reading our guide, you will be one of the savviest car shoppers around.

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Introduction to Our Auto Loan Guide

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