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Reverse Mortgage Guide

   Getting old doesn't have to be all bad. Sure you may not run as fast as you used to. But hey, where are you trying to go anyways. Especially, when being old qualifies you to turn your house into cash. And no we are not joking.
    Do you remember all of those checks you wrote each month to pay off your mortgage. All that time you were building equity, which is a fancy term for value, in your home. Through a reverse mortgage you can turn the equity in your home into cash, which means you can receive back all that money you really didn't want to give away in the first place. And just think what you could do with that money. Cruises, home improvements, those cooking classes you always wanted. You could really live up this next part of your life. And the best part is that you don't have to repay the money until you die or move out of your home.
    But before you break out the bubbly and start celebrating, you must think seriously about this financial decision. Reverse mortgages are not all good. Our free Reverse Mortgage Guide will help you determine if a reverse mortgage is the right financial decision for you. In our guide you will discover the benefits and disadvantages of a reverse mortgage and learn how to weigh your options. When you are finished reading our guide, you will know whether to book that flight to Figi or take a rain check.

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Introduction to Our Reverse Mortgage Guide

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